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Order amilera® products
Order amilera® products
founder of amilera

Rejuvenate yourself every day

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Explore amilera® products
A combination of science, beauty and skincare.

Our belief: amilera® for beauty without compromises. Our concept units the royal disciplines of skincare: scientific expertise, well-founded specialist knowledge and highly effective active ingredients for visibly younger skin.

A recipe for beauty without compromises, recommended by pharmacists and dermatologists.
Smoother skin immediately.

The amilera® Direct Lifting Serum contains a proprietary active ingredients complex – multi-functional with immediate effect for smoother skin. The anti-wrinkle concept skincare rejuvenates skin by relaxing the facial muscles, providing targeting action against moisture loss and filling wrinkles and fine lines.

Application: Use the serum for fast visible reduction of wrinkles after cleansing and in combination with a moisturising product. Gently apply a very small amount (about the size of grain of rice) around the eyes and in the nasolabial area. Ensure to only use the recommended amount to prevent a light-coloured film from forming.

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Skin protection booster
Discover the true radiance of your skin!

The amilera® 3D Radiant Serum is a highly active hyaluronic acid concentrate which replenishes the moisture depots in your skin, protects the skin and brightens it naturally.

The carefully formulated product with an antioxidant active ingredient concentrate normalises almost all forms of pigmentation problems as well as weaknesses in skin texture. The very fine, lightweight texture of the serum in the vials is instantly absorbed and protects the skin against environmental influences such as UV light or free radicals.

Application: In the morning after cleansing, apply the content of one vial to your face, neck and décolletage. Complete your routine with a moisturising product.

Even and radiant complexion


Highest quality, without compromises

Skincare without compromises

All raw materials are carefully selected and come from European and American countries.

The natural reserve for inner beauty.

amilera® was created from the desire to develop the perfect multi-purpose concept skincare – distinctly combining science and beauty and noticeably rejuvenating skin. Our products are praised and recommended by skincare experts and pharmacists. Are you ready to bring springtime to your skin?

"Each amilera® skincare product has been clinically and dermatologically tested to ensure the highest level of quality without compromises. For this I stand with my name."
Story Thomas Kneip
Thomas Kneip

Cosmetics expert, founder of Amilera