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Thomas Kneip –
founder of amilera

Based on this long-standing experience in the fields of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetics, Thomas Kneip has worked for many large companies. On this life journey, he realised that his customers and partners too often launched cosmetics which did not make full use of the potentials of research and active ingredients due to cost and marketing limitations.

There were no products that he could fully get behind, that he could recommend to his wife or his daughters without reservations, based on his background knowledge. He consequently decided to develop such a product himself. In a society where cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly common, Thomas Kneip also wanted to develop a product that can achieve long-lasting visible effects and consequently offer a realistic alternative to cosmetic surgery. From his work with the researchers, he knew that this was possible. After a long period of research, Thomas Kneip chose the wonderful active substance “hyaluronic acid” and studied the specific dosage and combination over many years. Among other things, hyaluronic acid has the ability to rejuvenate the complexion with purely atopic application while ensuring maximum skin compatibility. Thomas Kneip made an essential discovery during his research: Hyaluronic acid can only fulfil its full potential if it is combined with the right co-factors. Together with a team of experts, he was able to decrypt the active ingredients which are the ideal complement for hyaluronic acid – the unique active ingredients complex of amilera® was born. The full skincare effect can only be guaranteed with the precisely calibrated active ingredients complex used in amilera® products.

For this, he stands with his name:
Thomas Kneip